The Tudor Black Bay: One of Tudor’s Most Iconic Models

The Tudor Black Bay: One of Tudor’s Most Iconic Models

History Of The Tudor Black Bay Collection

When it comes to vintage appeal, the Tudor Black Bay collection takes the cake with its classic looks and historical significance. Since the brand first emerged in 1926, Tudor’s rich heritage traces back to important points in history. Their dive watches in particular have lived many lives over the years. For instance, they were highly favored and worn by many of the French National Navy in the 1970s. This long lineage of Tudor diving watches dates back to 1954, with the launch of its first of many – the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner reference 7922. The brand has since come out with an impressive array of dependable, robust, impeccably designed, and reasonably priced diving watches. Inspired by the design of the OG Tudor Submariner, Tudor’s Black Bay collection emerged nearly sixty years later as the modern-day embodiment of the iconic classic. Newer designs of the Tudor watch collection continues to honor the timeless features of its vintage models, while innovating and modernizing their design and functionality for the watch enthusiasts of today. 

Inspired By The Classics

As a newer addition to the Tudor family, the monumental debut of the Black Bay – along with its launch mate, the Tudor Pelagos – marked 2012 as the “year of the diver” for the emerging brand. Tudor completely revamped its line of diving watches with these exciting new additions, all the while still paying homage to its earlier forerunners. The Black Bay line contains more than a dozen variations of different models to choose from, including some unique and coveted special edition models like the Black Bay Harrods and the Black Bay Chrono Dark. Its most trademark design features - such as the angular “snowflake” hands, a prominent winding “big crown”, gilt lettering, and a domed dial and crystal - were all inspired by older models of the brand’s diving watches. The collection also offers a variety of bracelet options to choose from, including a standard steel bracelet - derived from the brand’s original rivet style bracelets, an aged leather strap with a folding clasp, or a fabric strap with a buckle that matches the color of the watch.

Tudor Black Bay 79230R-011 with red aged leather strap

Functionality of the Calibre MT5602 

The Black Bay collection of today includes more than a dozen timepiece variations, including classic time-only versions as well as more updated high-performance chronographs. Perhaps the most exciting new development for the Black Bay line, as well as for Tudor as a whole, was the introduction of its first Manufacture calibre MT5602 - a high-performance in-house movement created by the brand itself - which delivers exceptional precision, proven durability, and an impressive 70-hour power reserve. In 2016, Tudor launched the Black Bay Bronze - which debuted this exciting new function, gaining popularity for the new model and the brand simultaneously. This was a particularly big deal, as in-house movements are uncommon in the under $5,000 price bracket, and an especially big deal coming from a brand like Tudor, who has invested decades of manufacturing experimentation and expertise into developing this caliber.

Modern Tools, Game Changers, and Pure Classics

Paying homage to the legendary Submariner and other watches of the past, the Tudor Black Bay collection has proven to be a worthy successor - truly setting a new tone for both the line and the brand alike. With over a dozen variations of watches, the line can be most easily broken down into three categories of models: Modern Tools, Game Changers, and Pure Classics. 

Most closely resembling a modern incarnation of the Submariner in design, the Modern Tools can be credited for making the Black Bay the modern icon of a timepiece that it is today. Mixing equal parts throwback with contemporary, they feature unique aesthetics like a classic beveled case, rotating bezel in different color variations, and the characteristic angular “snowflake” hands. True to their name, the Game Changers renovate classic forms of the collection with the use of new robust materials and innovative design features, like the chronograph, that make them truly indispensable and functional everyday tools. Lastly, the Pure Classics are the true embodiment of “less is more” - honoring and applying the traditional elements of the brand to the classic time-only watches and proving in time to be versatile pieces, flossable on any wrist in any setting. 

Tudor Black Bay 79250BA

Tudor Expanding Accessible Luxury 

Slowly but steadily emerging on the watch world’s radar, Tudor is becoming increasingly more popular. By bringing its already trusted Rolex reputation and quality to a more affordable price range, Tudor continues to establish themselves by embodying the concept of “accessible luxury”. And it does so, largely via the Black Bay collection. 

Since its big debut in 2012, the Black Bay line continues to evolve to include innovative new developments and modifications, releasing many new iterations of watches every couple years - often several at once. The collection quickly picked up speed with two new versions released in 2015, two more in 2016, six more in 2017, two more in 2018, and four more in 2019 -- all drawing inspiration from past predecessors and tastefully renovating with their own unique modifications. With over a dozen different color variations and styles to choose from, the Tudor Black Bay collection has evolved as more than just diving watches, becoming an all-around everyday piece - perfectly fitted for the modern day watch enthusiasts.

Tudor Black Bay 79230 and Tudor Black Bay 79230B