3 Tudor Watches Under $3,000

3 Tudor Watches Under $3,000

Tudor Watches: Affordable Luxury 

Created with the same unbeatable standards as Rolex, Tudor watches embody the reputation and integrity of its noble watch family while also distinguishing an exceptional identity of its own. One of the biggest distinctions of Tudor as a brand is its accessibility to a wider scope of buyers. Its emerging line up of watches brings a solid combination of innovative design and technology along with performance and robustness, many of which are built with Tudor’s very own in-house movements. Classified as “accessible luxury”, Tudor watches continue to grow in popularity among watch enthusiasts and collectors, as it carries the same trusted quality of Rolex at a much more affordable price point.  

One of the most popular collections is the Tudor Black Bay line, featuring their very own MT5602 movement. When 2012 rolled around, it marked “the year of the diver” for the emerging brand - with their newly launched Tudor Black Bay and Tudor Pelagos line-up of renovated diving watches. While both lines have done well since their initial launch, the Black Bay collection quickly grew in popularity as it set a new standard for the ideal divers’ watch - functional, reliable, with subtle yet notable aesthetic design improvements. Over the past 8 years, what started off as just one watch has grown into a solid family of one of Tudor’s most popular timepiece collections. Perhaps what sets the Tudor Black Bay watch apart, is the way in which they take bits and pieces of inspiration from old-school diving watches in the brand’s lineage, while still remaining very much recognizable by its own design. 

What makes Tudor the most appealing is that they produce high-quality timepieces and make them available at a moderate price range - generally falling within the $3,000-$5,000 bracket. And what’s more, there are even a few select watches from the Tudor Black Bay collection that are available for less than $3,000. Below you will find a detailed list of 3 Tudor watches under $3,000:

The Tudor Black Bay 79230R: Brown Aged Leather Strap 

The Tudor Black Bay 79230R features a perfect embodiment of modern meets vintage. Its combination of a gleaming silver case, a deep red bezel, and an intense black dial creates a contemporary appeal and contrasts perfectly with its gilt lettering and old-fashioned red aged leather strap with a folding buckle. True to its lineage, the faded red color scheme of this watch was inspired by past models of Tudor’s diving watches and symbolizes a piece of the brand’s history. The Black Bay 79230R is available for sale at $2,850.

 Tudor Black Bay 79230R

The Tudor Black Bay 79230B-0007: Blue Aged Leather Strap 

Another popular Black Bay model, the 79230B, is another quality timepiece by Tudor favorably priced under $3,000. Similar to the 79230R, this model has a blue aged leather strap that compliments its matte blue bezel and black dial with grey lettering, while nicely offsetting its stainless steel case. At such an affordable price, the 79230B features some impressive functions including water resistance of up to 200 meters (over 650 feet) and a power reserve that’s just shy of 3 days (70 hours). This classic yet modern Black Bay is available for $2,850 here at The Watch Standard. 

 Tudor Black Bay 79230B-0007

The Tudor Black Bay 79239B-0008: Stainless Steel

An even more affordable Tudor watch is yet another Black Bay, the 41mm 79230B-0008. This model has essentially the same design as the previously mentioned 79230B, except it comes with a metal bracelet that blends seamlessly with its stainless steel case. Design features including its large 41mm case, luminescent dial, and rotating bezel, combined with reliable functions like its water resistance, outstanding power reserve, and robustness make it a true bang for any diver's watch. Although equipped with all the dependable functions of an ideal diving watch, the stainless steel bracelet gives it a nice touch of elegance and sophistication. With these versatile aesthetics to work with, the 79230B-008 can easily double as both a sports watch and a dress watch. For a bargain deal, the Black Bay price is at $2,675, perfect for those looking for a watch with great quality at a low price point. 


Tudor Black Bay 79239B-0008