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Rolex Submariner Date with green bezel, black dial, and oyster bracelet

The Rolex “Starbucks” Submariner Date 126610LV

Of the exciting new 2020 additions to the Rolex watch collection, perhaps the model that made the biggest splash was the new and improved lineup of Submariners. A true Rolex classic, the Submariner has been dubbed as “the reference among divers’ watches” – truly speaking to its highly revered reputation within both the watch community… View Article

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Cartier Pasha and Tudor Black Bay watch

Valentine’s Day 2021: His & Hers Luxury Watch Set

Make Valentine’s Day 2021 Different Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. About this time every year, people everywhere are in anticipation of a day of celebrating loved ones – whether it be a spouse or partner, friends, your kids, or just someone special you’re grateful to have in your life. Some go all out… View Article

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Top Watches Of 2020 Rolex Submariner Date with green bezel and black dial

Top 3 Watches of 2020 For Men

Keeping Time When Time Flies 2020 was an eventful year if nothing else. For avid watch enthusiasts, we’ve hand picked the top 3 watches for men to offer a bit of comfort and solace in the midst of such a turbulent year. History was made on more than a few occasions – some good moments,… View Article

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A Closer Look: The Rolex Sky-Dweller

Styled with the utmost elegance and equipped with impeccable functionality, the Rolex Sky-Dweller soars above the rest. As one of the more expensive watches in the Rolex watch collection, a brand already recognized for exemplifying luxury, the Sky-Dweller has a lot of impressive features to offer. As in, its bang is well worth the tens… View Article

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Rolex Sky-Dweller with white dial

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals At The Watch Standard

For one week only, from 11/23 through 11/30, The Watch Standard will be having our Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale. Whether you are a first time luxury watch buyer or an avid watch collector, these markdowns are sure hard to pass on. Don’t miss out on big savings on your next luxury watch! With… View Article

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Horus Straps: Luxury Watch Strap Review

Best Quality Luxury Watch Straps An emerging trend in the world of luxury watches is the accessorizing of timepieces with customized collection of watch straps. To be clear, many people replace old or broken bands with new ones to preserve and extend the lifetime of their watches. So replacement bands are by no means a… View Article

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Rolex Watches Professional Athletes Wear

One way that we at The Watch Standard stay engaged with sports is by paying close attention to the Rolex watches professional athletes wear on the wrist. While 2020 has been anything but favorable for most, this year has proven to be quite a lucrative one for Los Angeles pro sports. Ringing in 2 championships… View Article

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The History and Evolution of the Rolex Submariner

The Launch Of The Rolex Submariner The launching of the Submariner marked the beginning of an enduring classic and favorite of the Rolex collection, proving to be one of the more popular timepieces from the top-tier brand. The Submariner collection paved the way for other Rolex watches to follow like the Sea Dweller and the… View Article

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A Luxury Watch Photoshoot & Multi-Collaboration sponsored by The Watch Standard

Luxury Watch Photoshoot On Saturday, September 26th 2020, The Watch Standard sponsored our very first luxury watch photoshoot and multi-collaboration with influencer, Kyle Car, and other local businesses and talents. That entire day and the weeks leading up to it were fueled by high levels of excitement, adrenaline, pressure, energy, infectious positivity, camaraderie, and so… View Article

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