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Horus Straps: Luxury Watch Strap Review


Best Quality Luxury Horus Straps

An emerging trend in the world of luxury watches is the accessorizing of timepieces with customized collection of watch straps. To be clear, many people replace old or broken bands with new ones to preserve and extend the lifetime of their watches. So replacement bands are by no means a new phenomenon. However, more and more people are being drawn to newer, trendier, and more modern designs – rather than simply replacing one OEM band with another. Luxury watch resellers are now including different types of watch bands to pair with your watch to help you achieve the desired look for your watch. Doing so allows the wearer to switch up the look of their cherished timepiece while appearing to have a whole new piece of wrist candy to add to their collection.

Panerai Luminor with assorted colors of Horus Straps

Just like adding a new belt to a dress or a new tie to a suit, replacing the original band on your watch with a replacement one can change up the look of a watch entirely. The best part is this is all possible at only a fraction of the cost of actually buying a new watch. But, the flip side of going for a less expensive alternative is always going to be the possibility of it looking too cheap and not up to par with your luxury timepiece. Therefore, choosing a high-quality brand of replacement bands is an important consideration when shopping around for alternate straps for your high-quality watch.

Discounted Horus Straps

Modern Luxury Style Movement

Founded in 2014 by Blake Simon and Mark Margulies, Horus Watch Straps has been introducing new and innovative designs for watch straps that play to current fashion trends and making quality watch accessories at an affordable price range. In a sense, Horus Watch Straps is bridging the gap between old school and new school by creating modern reinvented looks for classic timepieces from respected names like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Omega, Tudor, and more. Some may argue this is a bold and risky move to introduce such a new and unconventional concept to such high caliber luxury names. Regardless, in true entrepreneurial spirit, Simon and Margulies saw an opportunity and went for it. And so far, the response from the watch community has been strong.

Rolex GMT-Master II with blue camo Horus strap and Cosmograph Daytona with black Horus Strap

The Rise Of Horus Straps

The young brand first started off by debuting their signature look of camouflage print rubber straps – for Panerai, Audemars Piguet, and Hublot watches in particular. In just six short years, the brand has come a long way to now feature a wide array of new designs – including new variations of colors, prints, and stitching, as well as different textures and materials like premium leather, carbon fiber, and even a distressed denim option to be released soon. Their collection even includes customized straps for Richard Mille watches – which really speaks to the caliber of the up-and-coming brand.

Aside from being very accessible and affordable watch straps (with straps currently ranging between $75-$265), Horus straps are also extremely comfortable. Due to ergonomic design and the use of quality material, Horus straps are well-fitted, pliable yet durable, and not in the least bit flimsy or cheap in quality. Their straps are arguably more comfortable than most OEM straps, making them more than worth the bang for buck. Each strap is custom fit for size according to each watch brand they’re made for. And what’s more – they are extremely easy to install, especially with Horus’ custom tool kits.

Discounted Horus Straps Available Now!

Many would make the case that a watch’s strap is often more noticeable than its face – so stocking up on a variety of replacement straps is a considerably worthy investment for the avid watch enthusiast. More and more people are leaning towards customizing straps to personal taste, and the concept is only expected to become more widespread. Many celebrities including professional athletes, famous rappers and musicians, actors, producers, and television personalities have made Horus Straps their choice brand for replacement watch straps. It’s evident that Horus Watch Straps is not only a young company on the rise, but also a beloved brand amongst watch heads, celebrities, clients, customers, and associates alike.

Panerai Luminor with orange camo Horus Strap

Authentic Luxury Watches And Luxury Watch Straps

At The Watch Standard, we pride ourselves on upholding a high standard while introducing a fresh new approach to the luxury watch trading business. This made collaborating with Horus Watch Straps a no brainer, as their approach and objective to revitalize the luxury watch strap accessory industry is similarly aligned with ours. As one of their many authorized retailers worldwide, we supply a variety of Horus straps in our inventory, as we only provide authentic and quality products – watches and accessories – for our customers. As such, we are happy to partner with Horus Watch Straps and personally vouch for the quality and excellence of their products and brand.

Panerai Luminor with olive green Horus Strap and The Watch Standard logo

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