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Ice Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126755SARU – The Showstopper of SARU Watches


They say not all that glitters is gold. Some that glitter are also diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Such is the case with the Ice GMT-Master II ref. 126755SARU, which is elegantly adorned in all the above. Which happens to be where it got its catchy amalgam of “SARU” – a blend of “Sa”pphire and “Ru”by. Similar to the original blue and red “Pepsi” bezels of the Rolex GMT-Master collection, the SARU editions emulate this same color combo, only with the use of these gemstones. Sapphires for the blue half, rubies for the red half. Accordingly, any Rolex watch featuring these two gemstones will always indicate “SARU” at the end of its model number. With its glitzy allure, Rolex’s small and exclusive array of SARU watches is nothing short of stunning eye candy on any wrist. And the 126755SARU is arguably one of the most, if not the most stunning.

Blog Image - Ice Rolex GMT-Master

Ice Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126755SARU: Diamonds, Sapphires, and Rubies

Naturally, the SARU editions – being as exclusive as they are, not to mention blinged-out from top to bottom and all around – also come with hefty price tags ranging in the 6-figures. As Rolex guarantees the use of only the finest gemstones cut to absolute perfection, the modern Ice Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126755SARU in particular- set with 12 diamonds, 18 rubies, and 18 sapphires in the bezel, plus 76 diamonds on its lugs – is a pretty big deal as far as big deals go. Its bold and beautiful Everose 40mm case makes an equally glamorous platform display to showcase all its bling. Some models even feature an exquisite all-over diamond pavé dial. And as if that isn’t enough bling on one watch – for some added glitz wrapped all the way around the wrist, an even more rare edition of the 126755SARU comes fitted with the Everose Oyster bracelet set with even more brilliant cut diamonds mounted in its center links. It’s no wonder the SARU watches are some of Rolex’s most rare and sought-after creations, attracting the attention of the most zealous watch collectors.

Ice Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126755SARU winding crown and crown guards

Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126755SARU: Under the Hood

Under all the flashiness, the GMT-Master II ref. 126755SARU has other impressive aesthetic features as well. Accenting its diamond-set dial are just as stunning rose gold Mercedes hands complemented by classic white luminous hour markers. As if its gleaming diamond-studded surface doesn’t make this watch stand out enough, ensuring the utmost visibility of its gorgeous face is a glare-proof and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. At 3 o’clock, a cyclops lens date window allows wearers to easily read the current date at a quick glance. Everose plates with the words “ROLEX” and “GMT-MASTER II” boldly embossed, positioned above and below the watch’s hands respectively, make the 126755SARU even more unmistakable as part of both the revered Rolex watch family, and the audacious GMT-Master collection.

Ice Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126755SARU Ruby Bezel

Endurance and Performance to Match the GMT-Master SARU

Not only is the 126755SARU bold by its appearance, but by its functionality as well. The timepiece is also extremely well made – serving as a testament to Rolex’s top-tier craftsmanship in watchmaking. The GMT-Master II is arguably one of Rolex’s finest creations, with functionality that’s hard to beat as it has set the bar for travel-inspired watches with its innovative dual time zone capability. While you can go ahead and learn how to use the GMT-Master with the SARU GMT-Master for everyday use and travel, I’d assume that most people would keep this in their private collection. In fact, the Ice GMT-Master collection’s SARU models are uncharacteristically glamorous for a watch known to be one of Rolex’s most popular and practical tool watches. First introduced in 2019 at Baselworld, the annual international watch and jewelry trade show, the GMT-Master II ref. 126755SARU proved to be a shocking new addition to the Rolex watch family for more than just its ostentatious appearance. Don’t let all the bling fool you, the 126755SARU is just as rugged as it is glamorous. Powered by the self-winding automatic Caliber 3186, it has an impressive 50-hour power reserve and features an independent 24-hour hand that can be separately adjusted to indicate a second time zone. The Caliber 3186 also features the anti-magnetic blue Parachrom hairspring that ensures as much as ten times more accuracy and resistance to shocks and extreme temperatures. Additionally, it is waterproof for an impressive maximum depth of 330 feet (or 100 meters). Imagine taking this extravagant watch snorkeling in the tropics and it being even more bright and colorful than all the tropical fish.

Ice Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126755SARU side view of the crown

The Evolution of the GMT-Master SARU

The first GMT-Master SARU made its unexpected debut in 1986. The already transitional GMT-Master ref. 16758 in yellow gold received a total makeover – complete with a gem-set bezel, a fully paved diamond dial with blue sapphire hour markers, and a diamond-set yellow gold President bracelet. Besides the obvious reasons, this spectacular new experiment turned out to not only be a beautiful and eye-catching masterpiece, but also a turning point in the history of Rolex. The new SARU editions of the GMT-Master embodied a major crossover between one of the brand’s major sports watches and a luxurious gem-set allure more typical of some of its other classic watches, such as the Day-Date and Datejust collections. Thus, by applying diamonds and precious stones to the characteristic two-tone bezel of the GMT-Master, the groundbreaking “Iced” out Rolex GMT-Master SARU was introduced into the luxury watch world.

The Bracelet and the clasp on the GMT-Master SARU

Since its introduction roughly 35 years ago, the SARU has evolved subtly yet significantly over the years. Twenty years after the original SARU was launched, the new era of the GMT-Master emerged with the launching of the GMT-Master II. In 2006, a revamped GMT-Master II ref. 116758SARU was introduced, this time with its own distinguishing reference number including a ‘5’ to signify its new gem-set appearance. Featuring 18 trapeze-cut rubies, 18 trapeze-cut sapphires, 11 trapeze-cut diamonds as hour markers, and one triangle-cut diamond for the 12 o’clock hour marker, the then-new SARU watch came available in either a black or a champagne diamond pavé dial. The following year, the GMT-Master II ref. 116759SARU was revealed and launched in white gold, also available in either the black or a pavé diamond dial. In 2019, the most modern iteration of the GMT SARU editions, the GMT-Master II ref. 126755SARU was introduced with its ever-popular Everose diamond-studded case, glistening SARU bezel framing either a sleek black or diamond dial, and a matching rose gold Oyster bracelet that even comes available with the option of diamond-set center links. We know what you’re thinking – diamonds on diamonds on diamonds. With sapphires and rubies to boot. Needless to say, this showstopper of a watch comes in hot at a whoppin’ $245,000 retail price. And with all its many impressive features detailed above – from its glistening face to its unbeatable performance, not to mention its rarity in both the retail and secondhand market, it’s safe to say that with this watch you really do get what you pay for, as it is easily one of the most exclusive and prestigious of all Rolex sports watches.

The 12 o clock hour marker in the GMT-Master II

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