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Watch Madness 2022

Watch Madness 2022


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Update April 1, 2022


Round 5: Championship


Watch Madness Championship Winner


“Platona” vs. AP Royal Oak

The final championship round has come down to Rolex versus non-Rolex, with the AP Royal Oak going up against the platinum Daytona. The unique features of both of these luxury timepieces make it almost impossible to predict the winner. The Daytona has that incredible ice blue dial that you only find on platinum Rolex models, along with a unique chestnut brown bezel and chronograph function. Then we have, at a similar price point, the AP Royal Oak in frosted 18k white gold which catches the light beautifully and frames the stunning skeleton dial. Either watch would have deserved to win the final round, but it all came down to who had more fans in the audience. The votes have been placed and the watch that won by only 2 votes and is being crowned winner of the Watch Madness 2022 Championship is the platinum Rolex Daytona 116506.


Fourth Round: Final Four


Watch Madness Final Four


Rolex Watches (Top):

“Platona” vs. “Paul Newman” Daytona

Which precious metal will win in this round of platinum versus yellow gold. Both the “Platona” and the “Paul Newman” dial Daytonas are hot models and fierce competitors. In this battle of the chronographs, the ice blue Daytona won by a landslide at 84%, knocking the vintage inspired Daytona out of the competition. But it’s not surprising to see a platinum model move on to the final round.


Non-Rolex (Bottom):

AP Royal Oak vs Omega “Snoopy” 

The Omega “Snoopy” unwaveringly challenges the skeleton dial AP, a contender with a retail price 10x that of the humble steel Omega. But the “Snoopy” fought its hardest knowing that many fans in the crowd were rooting for it, but in the end the frosted white gold Royal Oak triumphed and took home 79% of the votes. Snoopy fought hard and made it far into the competition but gets sent home before the championship finale.


Third Round: Elite Eight


Watch Madness Round Three


Rolex Watches (Top):

“Platona” vs. Platinum Day-Date

The “Platona” beat out the beloved “Panda” Daytona in the last round and the ice blue dial President won against the popular “Starbucks” Submariner model. Now we have two platinum models competing for a spot in the Final Four.  An overwhelming majority rallied around the Daytona, which won with 78% of the votes.


“Paul Newman” Daytona vs GMT “Root Beer”

Two different tool watch models take the court, the yellow gold Daytona versus the two-tone GMT “Root Beer”. Which function and aesthetic does the crowd prefer? Winning by a small margin at 54%, the “Paul Newman” takes the win for this round.


Non-Rolex (Bottom):

AP Royal Oak vs Patek Philippe Complications

The Royal Oak sent home the Nautilus Moonphase in the last round. Can the AP send home another Patek? In this round, the frosted white gold Royal Oak faces the green dial Patek Complications, and takes the victory at 73%. Another strong contender gets sent home. Better luck next year, Patek.


Omega “Snoopy” vs Cartier Santos

Who will take a step closer to the Championship round, Omega or Cartier? When it comes down to Snoopy facing off against the Santos, it was a tough competition, but Snoopy held his own and won fair and square with 57% of the votes.


Second Round: Sweet Sixteen


Watch Madness Round Two

Rolex Watches (Top):

Rolex Daytona vs Rolex “Platona”

The battle of the Daytonas is here. It is the ever coveted Rolex “Panda” 116500 vs the Platinum version, reference 116506. This was a pretty close poll closing the count with 58% in favor of the Platinum Daytona, while the White Dial “Panda” Daytona drops out by getting 42% of the votes.


Rolex Day-Date 228206 Platinum vs The “Starbucks” Submariner

The Rolex “Starbucks” is one of the hottest watches on the market selling FAR above the retail price, and its homage to the Kermit shows that Rolex fans are sticking to the tried and true. However, per our Instagram voting we see that our followers are rushing towards the Rolex Day-Date in Platinum. The ice blue dial President received more than 57% of the votes, knocking out the Submariner Starbucks with only 43% of the votes.


White Gold Daytona vs “Paul Newman” Daytona

Yet another Rolex Daytona match up has happened, but this time it is between a completely different materials and aesthetics. On one hand we have a black dial Daytona with diamonds on an Oysterflex bracelet, where on the other hand we see a more “traditional” 18k yellow gold Daytona. While both are entirely capable when it comes to racing, only one watch will come out on top. For this round that watch is the Daytona 116528 in 18k yellow gold. The yellow gold Daytona aka the modern day Paul Newman received 53% of the votes and the white gold Daytona 116519 managed to get 47%, but still falls short.


GMT “Root Beer” vs GMT “Pepsi”

While we are on the topic of model versus model, we have two GMT-Master watches that are paired up. First, we have the Two-Tone Rose Gold “Root Beer” GMT against the White Gold “Pepsi” GMT. Both watches house the same features and functions with the exception of each unique material it is crafted from. The people have voted and the results are in. Today, the two-tone “Root Beer” GMT has been declared the winner, earning 51% of the votes, while the white gold “Pepsi” got 49%. Another nail biting match up.


Non-Rolex (Bottom):

Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase vs Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

If you’ve ever wondered which watch you want next between a PP Moonphase and an AP Skeleton Royal Oak, you’ll be reassured knowing that the Royal Oak should be your next timepiece since it got more 54% votes OVER the Moonphase by Patek Philippe. Say goodbye to the Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase.


Patek Philippe Complications vs Richard Mille RM029

Patek Philippe gets another chance up to bat, but with a tough opponent, the Richard Mille RM029. While both watches fetch a huge price tag, it seems that one thing is clear. With our closest vote yet the Lean Green Patek Machine beats the RM029 by just a SINGLE vote leaving the poll results at 51% to 49%.


Snoopy vs Apollo Speedmaster

Snoopy has been an icon in the world of Speedmasters, but history says the Speedmaster belongs in space. Our Instagram votes have been totaled and while the Snoopy got a whopping 69%, the Apollo Speedy got 31%. The Apollo Speedmaster simply was not quick enough to muster up enough votes.


Santos de Cartier White Dial vs. Black Dial

Two Santos de Cartiers go head to head in this round, with a stainless steel white dial competing against the all-black alternative on a rubber strap. While a huge crowd rallied around the all-black Cartier in the last round, the classic white dial came out on top this time, winning the crowd over with 60% of the votes. The black dial Santos is going home with only 40% of the votes, and the stainless steel model continues on to become one of the Elite 8.


First Round


Watch Madness Week 1 Bracket


From the Rolex Side (TOP):


Rolex Daytona “Panda” vs Stainless Steel “Wimbledon”

The “Panda” Daytona looks like it is a fan favorite receiving 72% of votes where as the Datejust only got about 28%. While the “Wimbledon” did receive more than the Tiffany Oyster Perpetual, the Daytona wins this round.


Rolex “Platona” vs 41mm Tiffany Oyster Perpetual

The Daytona received a whopping 78% of the votes while the Tiffany blue Oyster Perpetual only received a mere 22% of the votes. Seems like the platinum Daytona is a solid contender coming out with such a strong start.


Day-Date vs “James Cameron” Deep Sea

Pretty much as expected the Day-Date got 74% of the votes leaving the James Cameron Deep Sea far behind. Too little votes keep this watch underwater.


Rolex “Starbucks” Submariner vs Two-Tone Explorer

The Rolex “Starbucks” nearly had the highest amount of votes clocking in at 83% when paired against the two-tone Rolex Explorer. While some fans love the Explorer the two-tone simply wasn’t getting enough love when faced against the Submariner Starbucks.


Daytona 116519 vs Yacht-Master 226659

Battle of the oyster-flex bands came to a conclusion when the Daytona 116519 diamond dial received a whopping 72% of the love while the 42mm Yacht-Master simply could not keep up to speed with the Daytona.


Gold Daytona 116519 vs Two Tone GMT Rootbeer

Yellow gold watches always have and always will hold a special place in the heart of the collectors, but on Instagram, there was no hesitation between the Daytona 116519 vs the Green dial GMT-Master II 116718. The GMT only received 39% of votes while the Daytona got the other 61%.


Rose Gold GMT vs Rose Gold Sky-Dweller 326235

While both watches are great for travelers to keep track of multiple time zones, it looks like the Two-Tone Rolex GMT “Root Beer” was the victor in this round. The Sky-Dweller 326235 is a significantly more expensive watch, however the crowd favored the two-tone GMT over this Sky-Dweller


White Gold GMT 126719 vs White Dial Day-Date 228238

Contrary to what I had imagined, the GMT won this round over the yellow gold President. The Day-Date had 40% of the votes while the GMT received 60%.


From the Non-Rolex Side (BOTTOM):


Patek Philippe vs Breitling Superocean

For all the Breitlings fans, I’m going to need to apologize for getting your watch knocked out of the bracket so early on in Watch Madness. The Patek Philipe Nautilus is a watch that is more than a fan favorite. Don’t be shocked if you see this watch as a top 4 watch!


AP Royal Oak vs Calatrava Pilot Travel Time

We started off this bracket with a little bit of rivalry amongst the top brands for horology, however the Patek Calatrava stood no chance against the AP Royal Oak, which won the crowd over at 84%.


Patek Complications 5905/1A vs Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer

The Omega put up a very good fight against the Patek Philippe Complications in consideration to some of the other battles we have seen, however the Patek Philippe takes home the dub (win) for this round, garnering 64%.


Richard Mille vs IWC Portugieser

Two rose gold watches went head to head in this battle, but the Richard Mille came out on top with 64% of the votes. While the Portugieser is a strong contender, Richard Mille seemed to have a few more fans in the crowd today.


Omega Snoopy vs Tudor Black Bay

The Tudor Black Bay is a must-have staple piece, but it was hard to resist the 50th anniversary “Snoopy” Speedmaster, especially in this color combo, which took home 61% of the votes.


Omega Apollo Speedmaster vs Tudor GMT “Pepsi”

While everyone loves a “Pepsi”, the Tudor Black Bay couldn’t keep up with the Apollo limited edition Omega Speemaster. Although this was a close call, with the Speedy winning by a small margin at 52%


Cartier vs Panerai Luminor

The Panerai Luminor has been quickly growing in popularity in recent years, but in this round, fans stayed loyal to a true classic, the white dial Santos de Cartier, which won at 78%.


Cartier vs Panerai Carbotech

This battle of all-black watches should have been a closer match, but the fans spoke up and voiced their love for the Santos de Cartier, which won against the Panerai Carbotech. The Cartier won 70% of the votes, knocking Panerai out of the competition.


It’s Watch Madness time!

You’ve heard of March Madness, but here we have Watch Madness!

Starting today up until March 18th, here at the Watch Standard, we are running a very special competition, with some of the biggest luxury timepieces in the business vying for top spot in a round of single elimination clashes. Make sure you sign up for your chance to get $500 off.

What is Watch Madness?

We have selected a roster of 32 of the finest watches to face off against each other. Think of it as Rolex versus The Rest. Which brand will come out on top? Which watch will be the winner?

Join our community on Instagram, at @thewatchstandard, and register your vote for your favorite chronograph, dive watch, travel watch, etc. Our audience will be determining each winner so be sure to show up and vote as much as you can!

The winner of each round goes forward until we are left with the two finalists in the final showdown.

Ready for the Big Dance?

Rolex Daytona or Omega Snoopy Speedmaster? Panerai’s Luminor Base or Cartier’s Santos? AP’s Frosted Openwork Royal Oak or Richard Mille’s RM029?

Deciding on the best of the best is a formidable challenge, and one which deserves a top prize. So, the players who correctly choose the overall winner will receive a huge $500 off the purchase of any watch from us at The Watch Standard!

*For more details on the Rules and Agreements click here.

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